Two Birthdays in One Week!

Happy Birthday!

It has been eight days since I last graced the internet with my thoughts. In those eight days, and I’ll admit now that it isn’t really a valid excuse for my absence because I have had plenty of opportunities to sit down and write, I have celebrated two very special birthdays. Continue reading


The H Dubai: Cheese & Wine Night

the h dubai

I think it’s fair to say that my intense love of cheese is now very much public knowledge. From creamy Somerset brie to crumbly gorgonzola, salty feta to smoked applewood cheddar. There are very few that I don’t enjoy.

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Tangy Apricot BBQ Chicken

Apricot bbq chicken

I am venturing across to Sandy Beach in Fujairah this weekend as a belated birthday celebration for an old-time chum of mine. Sandy Beach is old and rather worn, but it has a unique charm to it that you don’t find in all the fancy shmancy hotels that seem to be popping up faster than one can blink these days. The hands-down best part about staying at SB is being able to sit in the evenings round a large table with your friends, and barbecue to your heart’s content! And it is with this in mind that I have decided to share with you one of my favourite BBQ treats – apricot glazed chicken. Continue reading

Team Fennel

Fennel and Feta

I remember owning a plastic food set as a child. It had a whole range of vegetables in bright and wonderful colours. It even had a whole chicken, come to think of it. One vegetable that confused me for years, however, was the fennel. Yes. There was a fennel in a kids’ vegetable set. Continue reading

Back To Hollywood

Paul Hollywood's Bloomer

It’s been far too long since I last rambled on about my love of the king of bread – Mr. Paul Hollywood. When the US version of The Great British Bake Off (The American Baking Competition) was aired, the press there even described him as ‘the George Clooney of baking’. I’m not sure I would go quite that far, but he is certainly a kneading god, and his dough-filled repertoire is impressively extensive. Continue reading