The Twelfth Bake Of Christmas: Miccles Cakes


Miccles Cakes? Well – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eccles Cakes, and if you know me at all, you’ll be well aware that Mince Pies become a staple food group in my diet for the month of December. So I’m bringing you a cheeky hybrid. Everyone loves a hybrid bake. Cronuts, hello?! Continue reading


The Second Bake Of Christmas: Mini Mince Pies

Mince Pies

Too busy to bake? Aren’t we all! Working full-time with a busy social life leaves minimal time for yourself and unless you are a person who finds baking hugely relaxing, where on earth does one find the time? ┬áSometimes all I want to do when I get home is whack on a onesie, fix a brew, and let my mind wonder off into the world of Downton Abbey. So believe me when I say – I get it. The thing is, my festive elves, is that December is almost upon us. And if you’re going to bake, even if just once a year, the festive season sure is the time to do it. Continue reading