The Breakfast Club: Kitchen @ 149


While I love the occasional adventure further afield to break the nightly fast, for a brunch spot to become a regular go-to for me it’s got to fit a certain set of criteria: Continue reading

The London Diaries: Lantana


With the recent weather conditions here in what is supposed to be a desert, I might as well have still been in the UK. Honestly – when I was driving to work yesterday, the highway was not unlike a river, I couldn’t see the lane markers (is that even what they’re called?!), and my windscreen wipers couldn’t move their poor little arms quick enough. Poor chaps. Continue reading

The London Diaries: The Riding House Cafe

The Riding House Cafe

I had actually feasted in The Riding House Cafe a few times before this visit. The most poignant time being for my birthday a few years ago. A group of my bestest chums from university met for a boozy brunch. It’s a great place for boozy brunch. I remember sitting at the table, waiting for the last few people to arrive, when an enormous blue helium “2” flew through the door with no person in sight. Continue reading