Mini Chocolate Scotch Eggs


Ah yes. The humble scotch egg. A firm favourite among the traditional picnic spread, sitting alongside its good friends, the pork pie and the sausage roll. Continue reading

The Twelfth Bake Of Christmas: Bûche de Noël

Yule Log

The only way to end an epic baking venture alike mine is to go out with a bang. The mighty yule log – or bûche de Noël if you’re going to be all fancy shmancy about it – is a beautiful chocolatey alternative to our festive fruity friends – Mr. Christmas Cake, Mrs. Figgy Pud and Mincy McPie. While awfully traditional, unfortunately not everyone enjoys alcohol-soaked fruit deserts (goodness knows why), having other options is always a good move. Continue reading

My Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen assistant

With a keen cook for a mother, I spent my early childhood years as her trusty kitchen assistant. While I genuinely believe that a love of cooking is in your genes, it sure does help growing up in a household where home-cooked food is the only food. Learning the basics early on gives you the skills and desire to explore further as an adult. Continue reading

Father’s Day

My dad has never really been that bothered with celebrating his birthday, so Father’s Day tends to be even less of a big thing. That being said, I still feel that it is important to make some sort of effort, even if it’s a simple phone call to tell him how much he is appreciated. This year I decided that, since baking has pretty much taken over my life, the perfect Father’s Day gesture would be to bake a batch of scrumptious cupcakes. I even ended up unintentionally matching them to his company colours. #genius. Continue reading