Twelfth Night Turkey Pie

Christmas feasting

Feasting is a regular feature throughout the winter season for my family. There is just something about the combination of cold(ish) weather, and the seasonal festivities that bring about a need for warming, rich, feasts of delicious grub.  Continue reading


Easy Dinners: Black-Eyed Bean Quesadillas

Black-Eyed Bean Quesadillas

Before I get going – I would like to announce that I just got half way through a ham and cheese roll before realising that the funky taste was in fact mould on the bread and not the cheese. So if this is the end of me, then please know that it has been an absolute pleasure. Ew. Honestly. All I wanted was quick post-work snack fix. Continue reading

I Spy A Jambalaya


Ramadan is almost at an end. I’m not sure I can really say that I succeeded on the health-kick front. I mean, consumption-wise, I have maintained a reasonably healthy diet, but I seriously need to board the exercise train. It’s that initial motivation that I seem to consistently lack. I know I’ll be much happier having worked up a bit of a sweat, but leaving the comfort of my slippers seems near impossible. Continue reading