The Ultimate Christmas Sandwich List

*Updated 20 November*


Right chaps – it’s official – Halloween is off and Christmas is on. It’s ironic that every year as we edge closer to Christmas (THE most expensive time of the year), homemade lunches go completely out the window. And so since we’re spending the money on festive lunches anyway, we might as make sure they’re worth the money. Continue reading

Rennie Mystery Box Challenge: Rutabaga, Potato, & Chorizo Cakes

Swede cakes

You might be aware that I recently attended an event hosted by Rennie, featuring the SORTEDfood chaps. As part of their Happy Eating campaign, Rennie has been sending SORTEDfood mystery ingredients for the past few months to explore and cook with – and a blogger version was launched at the event. Ten lucky bloggers’ names were drawn, inviting them to select a mystery box containing an equally mysterious ingredient. Continue reading