A Sumptuous Skiing Excursion


I love skiing. It’s active, yet relaxing. Chilly and toasty warm at the same time. And just an all round goood break from the daily grind. Having spent the previous three months desperately counting down the days, I embarked upon my week away in the French Alps with three aims in mind:  Continue reading


5 Kitchen Gadgets I Need In My Life

If I owned all the kitchen items I want (plus those that I am currently not aware of yet, but I’m sure will want in the future), I would have to have a kitchen the size of the the moon. But a girl can dream, right? Continue reading

The London Diaries: Lantana


With the recent weather conditions here in what is supposed to be a desert, I might as well have still been in the UK. Honestly – when I was driving to work yesterday, the highway was not unlike a river, I couldn’t see the lane markers (is that even what they’re called?!), and my windscreen wipers couldn’t move their poor little arms quick enough. Poor chaps. Continue reading

The Breakfast Club: Bystro

Bystro Dubai

I’ll be completely honest with you all. Maintaining a blog while working a full-time job is not an easy feat. In the quieter summer months, I was doing so well. I was blogging up to three times a week for a good few months. But as work picked up in September, and my hours inevitably became a little longer, I struggled. I love writing this, and cooking for it, and eating out just to write my thoughts on a place. But I’m also only one human, and one human that loves a cup of tea, bath, and an early night whenever I can get my paws on one! Continue reading