The Ultimate Christmas Sandwich List

*Updated 20 November*


Right chaps – it’s official – Halloween is off and Christmas is on. It’s ironic that every year as we edge closer to Christmas (THE most expensive time of the year), homemade lunches go completely out the window. And so since we’re spending the money on festive lunches anyway, we might as make sure they’re worth the money.Last year (my first year back in London), my colleague and I unintentionally began reviewing festive sandwiches. Inspired by a list that one of us saw in a TimeOut one week, there wasn’t anything concrete about it. But it did inspire us both to take it to another level in 2017. You see last year, we were both relative newbies to the office; treading carefully and getting to know our environment. This year, however, we are fully-fledged permanents. Longer-term than many. And so we knew that it was time to up the Christmas anti, if you will.

Many-a-conversation and an hour-long lunch-time October planning meeting later, the “Christmas Sandwich List” was born. An all-inclusive ranking system, where anyone who’s interested can buy and review any Christmas sandwich they come across, ranking it out of 5★ and adding any note-worthy comments for future consumers. Don’t want to review? The list can simply be used as a planning resource before you make your purchase. It is multi-functional system.

So without further ado I bring you the list, a “working document”, that will be updated each week as new sandwiches are added/ reviewed. The only rule is that it’s got to fit into the “lunch time” category. Nothing too expensive or extravagant. And something that most people will have access to. Have you tried any on the list or found any that aren’t? Let me know in the comments! Not a sandwich fan? Scroll down and check-out the “Festive Extras” – beverages, cookies, and snacks galore. Ratings and descriptions updated as new reviews come in; lookout for *NEW* additions to the list!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


5.0★ Marks & Spencer: Turkey & Pigs in Blankets (£tbc) *NEW*
“Everything great about christmas dinner in one sandwich.”

4.0★ EAT: Goats Cheese, Pear & Date (V) (£3.95)
Mulled-wine pears in a sandwich? Shut the Christmas-wreathed front door. EAT are known for their sandwich game, and they certainly don’t disappoint at Christmas. A perfect balance of creamy goats cheese with sweet pear and date chutney on fresh multiseed bread; this is an excellent option for veggies and non-veggies alike.

4.0★ Pret a Manger: Veggie Christmas Lunch (V) (£3.50)
Another good veggie option – roasted chunks of butternut squash, nutty Christmas pesto and spicy rocket. “A good balance of ingredients with just the right amount of crispiness/crunchiness. Loved the yoghurt and mayo dressing, quite sweet – very filling.”

4.0 Pret A Manger: The Christmas Special (£3.95)
The Christmas Special is what it says on the tin – turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce (…and spinach). All-in-all a good balance of ingredients, the spinach was a crispy, fresh and welcome addition, and 50p of the cost goes to charity. The cranberry sauce could be distributed better to avoid soggy patches though.

3.7 EAT: Turkey, Stuffing & Crispy Onion Baguette (£3.95)
The “crispy onions” weren’t very crispy – perhaps a not the best promise to make there. The stuffing was tasty – could ease up on the cranberry levels a bit.

3.0 Pret A Manger: Very Merry Christmas Lunch (£3.90)
Two of us tried this one and had two very different opinions. I personally loved it, but maybe I was blinded by my love of pecans? In fact without them, is this actually any good? TimeOut says no…as does most of the other reviews I’ve read….

3.0★ Marks & Spencer: Turkey Feast (£3.90)
Another Christmas classic, but not quite on Pret’s Christmas Special level. “Very meaty” – could do with some greenery. But 5% (19.5p) does go to charity – so that’s a positive.

3.0★ Pret A Manger: Apple & Stuffing Baguette (£3.90)
Another Christmas classic, but not quite on Pret’s Christmas Special level. “Very meaty” – could do with some greenery. But 5% (19.5p) does go to charity – so that’s a positive.

3.0★ EAT: Pigs in Blankets with Mustard Mayo & Ale Onion Chutney Hot Roll  (£3.95)
Thoroughly disappointing. Lured in by mouth-watering imagery of a roll so jam-packed with filling that the pigs-in-blankets were tumbling out the sides – it proved to be all lies. The roll itself was fresh, but the pig content was barely enough to cover the surface area, and the mustard-mayo was far too heavy on the mustard. Would be better with a dollop of cranberry or sweet caramelised onion chutney instead.

2.5★ Sainsburys: Brie & Cranberry (£2.20) *NEW*
“Meh – perhaps the greenery was stale.”

2.0 Starbucks: Three Cheeses & Cranberry (V) (£4.25)
Ooo thumbs down Starbucks. Great concept; poor execution. It didn’t need three cheeses for a start, there was no way near enough cranberry (it was drowned out by the cheese), and the chard may as well have not been there. Would have been MUCH better if toasted panini-style – this was more like lightly warmed. Not worth the money.

1.0 Pret a Manger: Ham Hock, Stuffing & Apple (£3.99)
Too much mustard, very little ham, needed more apple. Only positive was the 50p donation to charity.

1.0★ Crussh: The Festive Turkey Feast (£3.95) *NEW*
“Rubbish. Wafer thin slices of turkey and stuffing.”

1.0★ Marks & Spencer: Chestnut Roast Wrap (£2.80) *NEW*
Terrible. Couldn’t even taste the chestnut. There was a lot of raw carrot and spinach – not sure why. The grape and cranberry chutney was far too acidic, and who’s bright idea was the roasted red pepper wrap?! Big thumbs down.


Fancy something festive other than a sandwich for lunch? Or simply a little shnack to keep you going in the afternoon? Check out these potential candidates….

5.0★ Pret A Manger: Melvin the Gingerbread Snowman (£1.00) 
“Great snap, great distribution of icing, and a marshmallow” – what more could you want!

5.0★ EAT: Pigs in Blankets with Mash & Gravy (L – £6.95; S – £5.50) 
EAT have clawed their way back (from the disappointing roll) with this beauty of a lunch dish. Creamy mash, sufficient quantity of pigs, gravy had depth and the crispy onions were a very welcome addition. A warming pot of deliciousness perfect for a chilly winter’s day. Get involved.

4.0★ Pret A Manger: Festive Winter Salad (£tbc) 
“One of the best salad’s I’ve had – an adventure from start to finish. Broccoli was a bit much though”.

3.0★ Marks & Spencer: Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Sausage Roll (£tbc*NEW*
This definitely would have been better warm (in the oven though, not the microwave!). The pastry was a little greasy, but the flavour was good – plenty of filling, with just the right amount of cranberry. Although the sausage meat overpowered the turkey some what.

3.0 EAT: Turkey Hot Pot (L- £tbc; S – £tbc) *NEW*
Warming and tasty, but the large portion was too much for lunch – ended up in a bit of a food coma and didn’t even finish it! Loved the red cabbage, but could have done with more to cut through the creaminess.

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Christmas Sandwich List

  1. Alice Gould says:

    Harry, I need any contributors to go on a mission to find a GLUTEN FREE Christmas sandwich (or reasonably priced lunch dush) that is actually worth eating. Ready steady go. 🎅🎅

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