The Breakfast Club: Kitchen @ 149


While I love the occasional adventure further afield to break the nightly fast, for a brunch spot to become a regular go-to for me it’s got to fit a certain set of criteria:

  1. On-your-doorstep-close. I want to be able to roll out of bed, into a coat to disguise my pyjamafied body, and into my seat at the table, menu-in-hand. Any form of public transport is just far too much effort.
  2. Relatively inexpensive. Let’s face it – I don’t have the funds to be forking out a small fortune on a poached egg.
  3. Delicious. Otherwise what’s even the point?

My first visit to Kitchen @ 149 was a few years ago, before I even lived in the area. In fact, I think I was still living in Dubai at the time. I remember sitting on one of the two little outside tables with my now flatmate, feasting on red pepper hummus and poached eggs and smoked salmon and sweet potato fries, with a casual bottle of prosecco to cure the hangover. The view is nothing to sing and dance about, but what they lack in view, they certainly make up for in environment and decor. It’s like the urban balcony you wish you had, but never find the time to create.

The food is served on mis-matched plates, the coffee comes in cups and saucers or sometimes mugs that smile at you (dependent on your caffeinated poison of choice), the milk jugs are teeny tiny cows, and the Bloody Marys are poured into glass skulls. It’s all just delightfully random, and I love it.

While they do serve main courses, I’ve only ever eaten brekky there. They have five or six breakfast dishes, with all the ingredients your taste-buds crave in a brunch menu – poached and scrambled eggs, sweet potato, avocado, sourdough, mushrooms, chorizo and more. And you can add extras. The staff are friendly – drinks come out within a few minutes, although the food does seem to take a little longer than one would like. But the fact that you can see the chef at the stove from your seat, whipping up dishes from a never-ending list (it’s always busy) makes you care less. Every time I go back, I seem to have forgotten how long the food takes, which I guess is a testament to how delicious it is. ..or perhaps the volume of prosecco consumed? Let’s go with food. The food is grand. And the atmosphere makes you want to just sit back, relax, drink your coffee, and take in your surroundings (while you salivate every time a plate of food that isn’t yours comes into view).

I take every guest who visits me to Kitchen @ 149. It’s just so cute and cosy in the winter, and bright and breezy in the summer. I have promised myself that one day I’ll try the lunch, but for now – if you want an inexpensive and quirky breakfast experience, it’s well worth a visit if you find yourself in North London.

Kitchen @ 149

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