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Before we start looking too far into the future, I thought that what better way to start the year than to have a quick look back at our not so long lost friend, good old 2015. A lot happened in the world of food, and these are just a snapshot from my little brain. Some serious, some hilarious, and some just downright ridiculous. So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax, and journey back with me…..

1: Mary Berry’s Bake-Off Banter Is Unbeatable
Yes yes, so we all know that Nadiya was crowned the winner. Well done. Pat on the back. But can we please just stop for a moment and talk about the stratospheric number of baking-related innuendos?! I swear it gets worse (better) every year. And what I love the most, is that a large proportion of it comes from none other that Mary Berry herself! Saucy minx, that old Bezza. From creamed horns to odd-shaped balls, the commentary was oozing with puns and cheeky innuendos. But what’s a British show with out a generous dose of inappropriate wit and banter, eh?


PHOTO CREDIT: standard.co.uk via google.com, edited by hashtagcake.com

2: My Addiction To Buzzfeed Tasty Is Spiralling Out Of Control
This year saw the launch of Buzzfeed’s ‘Tasty’ series, a hugely successful concept that is essentially a constant stream of time-delay recipe tutorials. With more than 17.5 million followers on Facebook, despite having only been in existence since July, Tasty has been a hit with the online community. From garlic wedges to champagne jello shots, and omelette cups to enchilada pasta shells, the recipes are easy, super creative, and the videos are edited to perfection. So successful, that there is now a dedicated British version, aptly named ‘Proper Tasty‘. The only downside? Once you start watching one, you’ll find yourself scrolling the feed, watching them all, and before you know it, you’ve lost two hours of your life.


PHOTO CREDIT: Buzzfeed Tasty on youtube.com via google.com

3: Bacon Probably Won’t Give Us Cancer
This was a fairly recent happening, that I’m sure most of us remember. The morning that we all woke up to the terrifying finding by the World Health Organization that eating bacon could increase the risk of cancer. The world went into meltdown mode. Huh?! The MailOnline’s headline claimed that consuming two rashers of bacon is as bad as smoking a cigarette. Like SERIOUSLY?! Luckily, no one had read the fine print, which thankfully highlighted the fact that smoking increases your relative risk of lung cancer by 2500%, over 500 times the effect that two slices of bacon a day has on colorectal cancer. So nope. I think we can all agree that bacon isn’t really one to worry about in the grand scheme of things. What I loved most about the situation though, was that most people’s reaction was like – naaaah. I’d rather live a shorter, bacon-fuelled existence thank you very much! Moving on. Neeeext.


PHOTO CREDIT: 2truthsapp.com via google.com

4: Starbucks Doesn’t Hate Christmas
Erm. So Starbuck’s launched their annual red cups this year in a simple plain-Jane red, slam bang into a wall of backlash from Evangelists who claimed that the simplicity and lack of “holiday symbols” was because they wanted to “take Christ out of Christmas”. Like SERIOUSLY WORLD. It’s a red cup. You’re going to order your coffee, drink your coffee, and throw away the cup anyway! Starbucks VP of Design and Content excellently commented that ‘”this year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories'”. Well put, in my opinion. Luckily, most people weren’t bothered, with some even taking the blank canvas opportunity to doodle their own festive designs.


PHOTO CREDIT: partyninja.co via google.com


PHOTO CREDIT: revcruz.tumblr.com via google.com


PHOTO CREDIT: revcruz.tumblr.com via google.com

5: Gourmet Cereal Is For Real
December 2014 saw the opening, and consequent viral news story in 2015, about the Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch, London, a concept simultaneously dreamt up one night by Irish twins, Gary and Alan Keery. With more than 120 cereal varieties, 30 flavoured milks, and 20 toppings to choose from, the combo potential is nothing short of extensive. “If we can source it, we’ll sell it”, they claim on the website. So do I think that paying more money for one bowl of cereal than you usually would on an entire box is a little ridiculous? Yes. Without a doubt. But am I tempted to go and check out what all the fuss is about? Admittedly – yes. Have you been? Would you go?


PHOTO CREDIT: now-here-this.timeout.com via google.com

6: Vegetables Have Feelings Too
We have all been banging on about self-acceptance and loving one’s body, no matter what shape or size it happens to be, for flippin’ ages. And in April 2015, the fruits and vegetables of the world finally received the same level of acknowledgment that they had been screaming out for. Thanks to French supermarket, Intermarché, aubergines with curves rivalling that of Beyonce, pears that are not pear-shaped, two-pronged carrots, and knobbly potatoes at long-last found their place in the world. A place that wasn’t bin-shaped. All hail the inglorious vegetables! And the lesson learnt? Don’t judge a vegetable by it’s cover. It’s the tasty insides that count.


PHOTO CREDIT: grist.org via google.com

7: Sugar Tax Could Kill Obesity
A more serious one, I’ll admit. But just as worth a mention. Obesity is at an all time high, and things aren’t getting any better anytime fast. Reports claim that introducing a 20% sugar tax could raise up to £1billion per year, which could be funnelled into the NHS and other key bodies aimed at tackling our ongoing obesity epidemic. So would implementing this so-called “sugar tax” in the UK work? Jamie Oliver certainly thinks so.  I guess it’s a question of governmental backing. Alas, we shall see…

sugar tax

PHOTO CREDIT: dentistry.co.uk via google.com

8: Heinz Is Taking Over The World
So a few years ago, Kraft bought Cadbury. And in 2015, Heinz bought Kraft. So I guess that means that Heinz basically rules the world now? Let’s just hope that we don’t end up with chocolate-coated baked beans and white chocolate mayonnaise. Although, with the calibre of weird and wonderful creations that Cadbury have spewed out since Kraft took hold of the reigns, who knows what will happen…


PHOTO CREDIT: money.cnn.com via google.com

9: Bradley Cooper Is Delicious (Still)
Okay. Well yes – I was already aware of this fact. Nothing new. But Burnt – HELLO-oooo?! As a emotionally-damaged, brooding, two Michelin star chef in search of a third? Oh Bradley, devour me now. I’m all yours. A little predictable from a plot perspective, yes. And I don’t think it quite embodies the charm of other foodie films, like firm favourite – Julie and Julia. But is it worth a watch? Yes. I would say so.


PHOTO CREDIT: comingsoon.net via google.com, edited by hashtagcake.com

10: The World Is In Desperate Need Of An Avocado Emoji
And a bacon one, while we’re on the subject. It seems that every time a new set of Emoji’s is released, the internet responds in outrage as to why oh why we still don’t have an avocado. Would bacon/cancer-gate not have been the perfect time to launch a bacon emoji? And how is a “bento box” and “taco” a higher priority than the humble Avocado. I’ve heard on the internet grapevine that 2016 is the year. So watch this space…


PHOTO CREDIT: elleuk.com via google.com

So that’s that. 2015 in a nutshell. I’m excited to see what this year brings. My first full year in the UK in a long time, holidays planned, recipes to develop, bakes to perfect, posts to write, life goals to achieve. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good ‘un. What were your 2015 highlights? And what are you looking forward to in the year to come? Let me know!

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