Stir-Up Sunday

Stir-Up Sunday

The festive season oozes tradition. Many of these traditions are consistent across households, but it’s the unique ones that make the season so special. Stir-Up Sunday is a tradition dating back to the Victorian era when the Christmas pudding was invented, and it is something that my family do every year. We’ve even started inviting friends along too! It’s a cracking excuse for a festive feast and a cheeky tipple.

The way it works is we all gather together on the last Sunday before Advent (usually the last weekend of November) to make the Christmas pudding. Each person takes a turn at stirring the mixture, traditionally from East to West to symbolise the journey that the three wise men embarked upon to visit baby Jesus. You close your eyes and make a wish for the year ahead.

For me, Stir-up Sunday is the official inauguration of the Christmas season. The turning point at which I am finally allowed to listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album guilt-free (on repeat), and the decorations are unleashed.

I’ll admit that I am slightly gutted that I won’t be home this year to take part, but I’m sure I can rope in some people (or kids!) to give it a whirl!

My go-to Christmas pudding recipe is Delia’s Traditional Christmas Pudding. But just in case you do find yourself in a last-minute pickle, this Nigella recipe which I did for my Twelve Bakes of Christmas a couple of years ago will save your bacon!


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