The Breakfast Club: The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

So this is one that numerous people had recommended and I had been meaning to visit for AGES. My breakfast partner in crime and I hadn’t been on an early morning weekend adventure in a while, so this felt like a real treat. The Hamptons Café is a home-grown outlet, located on Jumeirah Beach Road, not far from Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. The menu is inspired by both European and American influences, using both locally sourced and imported ingredients.

We arrived just after 8am – I had been told that arriving before 9 is essential if you want to guarentee yourself a table. So high five to all you early risers – this ones for you! The interior is light and airy. Chunky wooden tables, comfy chairs, sparkling chandeliers, and plenty of greenery. For a converted villa, I was impressed with how little it felt like one.

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

IThe Hamptons Café

We of course began proceedings with a generous dose of caffeine – I went for my usual – a flat white. The coffee was served with macrons – perhaps an odd addition at breakfast, but I munched my way through mine and mum’s none the less.

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

Fully fueled up, we moved on to our breakfast orders. The menus are in iPad format. I’ll admit that while I get that a digi-menu is “greener” and easier to update when there are changes to the dishes, I do much prefer a paper card one. I guess it’s a similar debate to “kindle versus physical book”.  Call me old fashioned, but there is just something about reading the words on paper. Mind you, I do know many a book-lover who now champion the kindle. Perhaps I’ll convert one day!? Anyway – we were ravenous at this point!

Mum ordered the white truffle oil-coddled free-range eggs in a ramekin, served with toast soldiers, air-dried Spanish beef-wrapped asparagus, and a whole field mushroom topped with sundried tomatoes and Gruyere. Dubai has gone a bit truffle mad if you ask me, but this was actually rather pleasant – the truffle scent was stronger that taste. So all-in-all a tasty flavour combo.

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Cafe

I went a little off piste (I’m a sucker for a good old eggs beni), and decided to opt for the poached eggs in homemade tomato and basil sauce, topped with fresh Italian mozarella, and served with rosemary focaccia. The eggs were cooked to absolute perfection – a beautifully glistening runny yolk, complemented by the sweetness of the tomato sauce and saltiness of the focaccia. If I were to make a change to this, I think I might serve with a slighty drier bread – the oiliness of the focaccia was verging on too much moisture when dipping into the saucy egg. It did still taste delicious though! I gobbled the lot with ease.

The Hamptons Café

The Hamptons Café

We sipped on one more cuppa caffeine while we let our food settle (and incidently another macron!), before heading off to get on with the rest of our Friday!

The Hamptons Café

Would I head back for brekky here again? Yes absolutely – perhaps during the winter months when the weather is cool enough to sit upstairs on the terrace.

Just a side note – I visited pre-Ramadan. The Hamptons Café is open from 7pm to 1am during the Holy Month, so for brekky, I recommend waiting until Eid. And do get there early – much more relaxing before it get’s busy and a little manic!


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