A new chapter…


I know what you’re thinking. What happened? Is that it? That poor, neglected, unloved blog….

Writing is a passion of mine. But when trying to squeeze it in begins to feel like a chore, it ceases to become an enjoyable past time. Recent months have been beyond busy for little old me – with work and life decisions and the like. And so the blog sort of grew to a stand still for a period of time. And I’m ok with that. I hope you are too.

On the subject of life decisions, I have made a rather large on recently. And I am delighted to have reached a point in time when I can share this with you. Drum roll please….. my time in the desert has come to an end – I’m hopping on a plane back to old blighty! No one thing has led to this decision – it has been a number of factors. My desperate need for real weather being one of them (although I imagine I’ll be eating my words after more than a week of grey skies!). A bit of a career shift, but I am looking forward to many things – farm shops, thick winter coats, puddle-wading in my Hunters, seasonal fruit crumbles, actually walking between destinations, british sunshine, frost, highstreet shoppnig, a functioning postal system, tea rooms, public transport that gives you the option of more directions than merely north or south, BBC dramas, cosy country pubs, winding lanes, fresh air, …I think you get the picture. It’s funny how living away from somewhere you have previously gotten so used to makes you realise how much you took for granted.

Dubai will always be a part of my life – I was born here, grew up here, and the majority of my family still live here. So it’s not goodbye forever. But this is certainly a new chapter, and one I’m looking forward to. And fear not – the blog is going to continue – just in a new location! So until my final move in September, you can look foward to a bundle of summery posts, as I galavant across the globe with various family members and friends over the next couple of months.

I’m happy to be back in action and am looking forward to taking you with me on my next adventure!

Over and out.

7 thoughts on “A new chapter…

  1. Sally says:

    All those things you are looking forward to are things I miss. Hope to see at least a few of them on your blog so I can live vicariously 🙂 Best of luck with your next step.

    • hashtagcake says:

      Oh fear not, Sally, there will be plenty of all of the above. I’ll be chanelling my inner Country Living! I’m planning on purchasing some shiny new Hunter welly socks this weekend in preparation. Bring on the puddles! 🙂

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