Everyday I’m Trufflin’

Meat Company

A couple of weeks ago, in the run up to Valentines Day, I was invited along to The Meat Co at Souk Madinat Jumeriah, to try my hand at truffle making.

I’ve always found myself feeling rather indifferent about Valentines Day. It really doesn’t excite me. I think this probably all comes back to the one common theme shared by the holidays that I am fond of – tradition. I’ve never really done much on Valentines day, and so to me it just feels like any old day. Just with extortionately priced menus and an uncomfortably even number of people wherever you look. I’ve had my rant. This year, I went away for the weekend with a group of friends, sat on the beach, drank Pimms, frolicked in the sea, and devoured delicious food.

Now I’m not a huge fan of truffles in the fancy shmancy fungus sense, but I do love the rich, creamy, yet crunchy, chocolate kind. Which is why accepting this particular invite was an absolute no-brainer.

I arrived at the restaurant to be presented with my very own personalised chef whites. The first I have ever owned, so this rather excited me! Global Pastry Chef, Melanie Smith, introduced us to the ingredients that lay infront of us – firstly a high quality dark chocoloate (can’t remember its name), which I of course needed to test several times. Quality control, I like to call it. And then the truffle set-up. We were to make white chocolate Nutella biscuit truffles, dark choclolate coconut and cranberry truffles, and finally salted milk chocolate caramel and cashew praline truffles (the third combo was insanely good).

We gloved up and started rolling spheres of ganache, being careful not to handle the tasty morsels for too long as they would melt. Once shaped to perfection, we rolled them in our coating of choice. Each ganache flavour was paired with a crunchy outer coat, although Melanie did tell us that we could mix and match if we wished. I like to play by the rules and so stuck to the suggested combos. Wasn’t feeling particularly wild that evening.

We rolled and coated and rolled and coated, taste-testing along the way, until the bowls were empty. With three boxes filled, and my chocolate quota well and truly filled for the day, off home I trundled. You are probably not surprised to hear that I was the most popular person in the office the next day! Truffles for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! I have the recipes, which I plan to try at home – so what this space for those. It doesn’t need to be Valentines day to enjoy a cheeky truffle!

Thanks to The Meat Co for a delightful evening!

Meat Company

Meat Company

Meat Company

Meat Company

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