5 Kitchen Gadgets I Need In My Life

If I owned all the kitchen items I want (plus those that I am currently not aware of yet, but I’m sure will want in the future), I would have to have a kitchen the size of the the moon. But a girl can dream, right? I LOVE kitchen shops, but generally don’t trust myself to venture any where near them. So everynow and then I have a good old pinterest browse to give me my much-needed fix. A bit like windown shopping, I guess.

These are just 5 that I have come across over the past month or so, but thought they were well worth a share! WANT WANT WANT. Enjoy!

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1. Loch Ness Ladle
How often do I actually use a ladle? Not that often admittedly. But on the occasion that one is needed, I can think of no better vessel to fit the purpose.



2. Pot Clip
I’m a messy cook. And that won’t be changing anytime soon – but at least a pot clip will help keep the kitchen counter clean(ish).


3. Corner Chopping Board
Counter corners are an annoyingly inconvenient feature of the kitchen. So much space, yet not much you can do with it. Unless you have a circular chopping board, that slots perfectly into said corner, that is. You’re welcome.

719qhBLBMrL._SL1500_ 4. Mason Jar Measuring Cups
I definitely own at least three different sets of measuring cups, but I came across this super kitsch set on Pinterest and concluded that there is probably room for a fourth collection in my cupboard (there isn’t). These are literally the Holy Grail of measuring cups. I need them immediately.



5. Zipsicles
Trying to waffle around with ice-lolly moulds is just really rather inconvenient. And you can usually only make a few at a time. But this absolutely genius of an invention means that you can make as many as you desire, and there is no need to rearrange your freezer contents. Just squeeze ’em in wherever you find space.


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