The London Diaries: Lantana


With the recent weather conditions here in what is supposed to be a desert, I might as well have still been in the UK. Honestly – when I was driving to work yesterday, the highway was not unlike a river, I couldn’t see the lane markers (is that even what they’re called?!), and my windscreen wipers couldn’t move their poor little arms quick enough. Poor chaps. And to make it worse – people were still driving like idiots. I have never been so pleased to get to work. I’m sure this all sounds rather pathetic to anyone living in a country with proper weather! Enough about the weather, Harry.

While I was in London last weekend, I managed to squeeze in yet another brunchy breakfast with some uni friends – they are fast becoming my favourite weekend meal. Actual brunch though. Not Dubai’s neverending excuse for a booze-up. Slightly over those, if I’m being honest. I don’t usually eat breakfast during the week, but I do love a late one at the weekend, when I have time to really enjoy it.

Lantana was my friend Franky’s recommendation. And a cracking recommendation it was. What was really hilarious about the whole experience was that 3 out of the 5 of us were food bloggers, so as dishes began to emerge from the kitchen, out came the cameras. We quickly established a system of passing everyone’s plates round in a clockwise direction in order to get a good angle for the shot! I think I’ve just about got to a point now where I don’t really care if I look like a bit of an idiot – it’s worth it in the end! I’ll pop links to Franky and Rahul’s blogs at the end.

We arrived at the location, and had to wait outside for about 15 minutes before a table was available. Lantana, like many trendy spots these days, don’t take bookings, so you just have to try and get there at a reasonable time. The wait wasn’t too bad though – it was chilly, but the group of us are actually off on a skiing adventure in march, so we passed the time nattering away and getting excited about that!

Our table was in a little downstairs area next to the kitchen. I was quite happy about being as far away from the cold as possible! We sat on little wooden stools around a rustic-looking wooden table, shared with another party of two. Menu perusal was a speedy activity, and we conveniently all chose different dishes. Convenient if you’re trying to take a good variety of snaps for a blog, that is!

I chose slow braised beans with ham hock, served on corn bread with grilled chorizo, a poached egg, and spinach. It was really delicious – the chorizo had a good kick to it, the egg was poached to perfection, and the corn bread was a great alternative to toast – it brought a whole new texture to the mix.

Lantana is an Australian cafe. Having initially opened at this location in 2008, popular demand saw the mouth-watering hotspot open a sister location in Shoreditch. It’s open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch, with all day brunch served at weekends, and even a take out option if you’re in a hurry. And with it’s very reasonable pricing – I paid £14 (less than AED 80) for brekky and a flat white – i’ll definitely be back.


Do check out Franky’s and Rahul’s blogs – they are real-life Londoners, so have loads of great related reviews/ recipes to explore – Munch and Brunch (Franky) and Champagne & Chutney (Rahul)

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About The London Diaries
As a brit, I find myself back in the big smoke from time to time, so decided to start a series called The London Diaries, which explores affordable, yet delicious, dining options in the capital. Others in the series include Wahaca, The Breakfast Club, The Riding House Cafe, The Real Greek, and All Bar One, so check them out if you’re looking for some inspiration!




My usual flat white. Surprised?


Slow braised beans w/ ham hock served on corn bread with grilled chorizo, a poached egg and spinach



Smashed avocado and slow roast tomatoes on sourdough toast w/ a poached egg and rocket


Toasted muesli w/ poached peach and yoghurt


Corn fritters stacked w/ streaky bacon, fresh spinach and slow roast tomatoes served w/ smashed avocado, poached egg and crème fraiche


Toasted courgette bread w/ grilled halloumi, slow roast tomatoes, a poached egg and chilli jam


7 thoughts on “The London Diaries: Lantana

  1. Deb Soehner says:

    What’s a rocket lol? And “streaky bacon”? You brits lmao (such a Canadian – where’s the Canadian Bacon?) x0xo0

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