The London Diaries: All Bar One Brekky

All Bar One - Euston

Having not been back to the UK since starting my job back at the start of June, to say that I was excited for this weekend’s visit would be an understatement. Excited for the cold, the rain, and even just being able to wrap up warm in a coat. It may sound trivial to those living here permanently, but as an as expat it is truly bizarre how much you miss it.

The reason for my two-day visit? Well this year we all clubbed together as a family to buy my father dearest tickets to see Queen at the O2 arena in Greenwich for Christmas. And me being the wonderful daughter that I am, knew that it would be no fun to send him on his own, so I was forced to buy a ticket for myself too. SO EXCITED. It’s this evening. So I’ll let you know the verdict in Tuesday’s post.

Any expat will be fully aware of the somewhat inevitable and unavoidable back-to-back “catch-up” schedule situation that happens every time you return to the homeland. Take yesterday for example – I ended up consuming five meals! Each one to catch up with a different friend or family member. I was unbelievably full by the time I got to the end of the day. But hey ho. All Bar One was meal number two of my feast-filled Friday.

We chose All Bar One at Euston Station largely due to it’s convenience. I was hopping on a train shortly afterwards to visit the grandparents, so it made sense to stay close-by.

For those who have never heard of the place, All Bar One is a bar/restaurant chain in the UK – you’ll find one in most major cities. With a large, open plan interior, floor-to-ceiling glass front, and tables of varying heights, the one at Euston was buzzing –  I can imagine it remaining busy most of the day given its proximity to the station.

I knew I was going enjoy myself from the moment my coffee (flat white as per usual) arrived at the table accompanied by a shot glass of smarties. Unexpected, and an odd decision – biscotti or a teeny tiny cookie is what I’m used to seeing. But I rather enjoyed a cheeky burst of chocolate.

Breakfast was an easy decision for me – buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and a side of crispy smoked back bacon. I just love the saltiness of the bacon in contrast to the sweetness of the fruit and syrup, and the fluffiness of the pancakes. Heavenly. I actually posted a recipe for something similar last year –  Maple & Bacon American Pancakes.

Pragna opted for the boost breakfast, which consisted of grilled mushrooms, free range poached egg, plum tomatoes, and avocado on toast, with houmous, sweet chilli, and a side of potato hash with spinach and onion. Having not been to All Bar One before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And while I couldn’t tell you what the lunch or dinner menus are like, I would definitely recommend popping in for a spot of breakfast. Highly enjoyable.

I’ll be popping up my second London Diaries post on Tuesday, but until then, I bid you all adieu.

All Bar One

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All Bar One - Euston

All Bar One - Euston

All Bar One - Euston

All Bar One - Euston

All Bar One - Euston

All Bar One - Euston



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