Culinary Christmas Additions

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I can’t believe it’s all over again for another year! I know we all spend our lives harping on about the matter – but where on earth does the time go? I returned to the desert to become a working and somewhat functioning human almost four year’s ago now. It’s insane how quickly that time has passed. Yes – a lot has changed, but it feels like just yesterday that I was interviewing for my first post-university internship.

I published a similar post to this one last year (kitchen favourites), and thought it would the perfect way to kick off the new year. Last year was certainly a good ‘un, but I want this year to be even better. So without further ado, here lie my 6 favourite kitchen additions, courtesy of Christmas 2014. There are a few other items not included, but I wanted to save those for future posts!

1) 5 Year Culinary Memory Book

I’m a sucker for a new notebook and can’t resist a challenge, so this was absolutely perfect. I got this from my brother and his (as of Christmas Day! #weddingbells) fiancé. I had a “memory box” growing up, where I would keep tickets, photos, and other little bits and bobs that reminded me of special moments and occasions. I always loved coming back to it every couple of years to reminisce. One culinary thought/ tit-bit/ announcement every day for five years. I wonder what will have changed? Watch this space, I guess.

5 Year Culinary Diary

5 Year Culinary Diary

2) A Little Spatula Family

How cute are these chaps? Spatulas must be one of my favourite implements. So simple, yet so effective. I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying I find scraping a bowl clean. It’s super sad, but I totally admit it. Moving on? Yes let’s.



3) Retro Tea-Towel

This is actually a work secret santa gift, but I’m completely in love with it. There is something so nostalgic and comforting about retro-themed items. All I can say is that I’m glad that I am vocal enough in the office that my secret santa purchased me something so personal. Let’s face it – secret santa is generally a bit hit-or-miss.

Retro Tea Towel

Retro Tea Towel

4) Paul Hollywood’s British Baking 

Mr. Hollywood’s delightful new book is split by regions of the United Kingdom, with each segment exploring the traditional breads and bakes of that particular area. Can’t wait to get baking with this worthy companion!

Paul Hollywood's British Baking

Paul Hollywood's British Baking

5) Magnetic Knife Holder

Another great one from the brothership. It’s essentially a short wooden plank which is magnetic so you can attach it to your kitchen wall and hang your knives off it. Like magic. The magic of Schmidt Bros. I’m living at home at the moment, plus could do with building up my knife collection, but this is a keeper for my dream kitchen.

Schmidt Bros

6) Shiny new camera – the Canon PowerShot SX400 IS

I’m no whiz in the photography department, but have been using my iphone 5 for all the shots on my blog since I started, and so thought it probably about time I upgraded to something that will produce higher quality images. This is a stepping stone to something snazzier, but simple enough that little old me will be able to use it! Plus it’s super dinky and adorabe. Travel size for my convenience. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Canon SX 400 IS

In other news, and I am absolutely devastated to announce that my beauteous MacBook Pro decided to pack it in over crimbo, after 3 and a half short years on this planet. On the plus side, I hit the Dubai Shopping Festival sales today and got a marvellous deal on a shiny new MacBook Air. I’ve named her Stella. She suits it.

Let me know what fabulous treats you got for Christmas and if there is anything you recommend!

Happy New Year, my food-loving friends.

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3 thoughts on “Culinary Christmas Additions

  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    My MacBook Pro has also started making funny noises during start-up *worried*. Lovely Christmas presents, especially the single-mom spatula and her kid:) My Christmas presents are still in Denmark and I’ve only seen them on Skype, but they looked promising.

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