Saturday Feast: BBQ by Quantum

H Dubai

When I was invited to spend four glorious hours by a hotel pool with a buffet fit for a modern day game of thrones episode, an effervescing jacuzzi at my disposal, and three of my favourite chums, it was an absolute no-brainer. Yes please!

It being a Saturday, I opted for an alcohol-free afternoon, however I have been informed by my fellow comrades that the fruit punch packed one, and the bubbly lived a rather snappy existence – I witnessed several vessels of the stuff disappear before my very eyes. Magic. Meanwhile, I enjoyed numerous fresh juices and mocktails.

We arrived and were promptly shown to our poolside table. Within moments, a basket of bread and four mason jars filled with sour cream, guacamole, smoked salmon dip, and salsa arrived. It didn’t last long.

H Dubai

H Dubai

H Dubai

As three of us sat their gobbling away, I got a call from my third guest who was supposed to be joining us. She had got mixed up and thought I had invited her to my house for a barbecue. Numpty! She thought that I had been exceptionally bizarre (even for me) and named my house “the H Dubai” (my name IS Harry after all). Anyway – she eventually arrived and we all trotted off to explore the barbecue station. We began with a seafood feast. Omani lobster, salmon skewers, mussels, and shrimps…

H Dubai

The way it works is you go up and choose what you want from the super fresh selection on display, and then the H Dubai barbecue wizards work their magic while you sit back and relax at your table. After about 10 minutes or so, you are presented with your beautifully grilled platter of goods.

With the seafood round complete (although we did head back for round two a little later), we moved onto the meats – juicy 125-day grass-fed rib eye steaks, and marinated skewers. Mmmm…

H Dubai

We also chose some veggies too. And halloumi. I LOVE barbecued halloumi. It is just the most scrumptious accompaniment.

H Dubai

With our bellies full of delicious grub, we decided it was time for a pre-dessert break. After slipping into the pool (we all felt bloated and therefore super attractive in a bikini at this point), we came to realise the actual reasoning behind our parents’ instructions from when we were children to “let your food settle before getting into the pool”. I always thought they were determined to spoil my fun! Noop. I definitely advise a break before swimming – or, alike us, opt for the next best thing – a relaxing soak in the bubbling jacuzzi.

H Dubai

We sat there nattering away until our fingers resembled prunes, at which point the obvious option was to dry off and tackle the dessert spread…

H Dubai

There was oozing chocolate cake, apple pie, zesty orange slices, fresh fruit salads, mixed berry tarts, a strawberry jam swiss roll and more. Did I need to eat more at this point? No – not really. Did I gobble a mountain of delectable dessert treats anyway? Yes – absolutely. It was a highly delicious short, but sweet. period of my life. Punny, Harry. Very punny.

H Dubai

So that was that. We polished of the rest of our beverages, and headed homeward. Many thanks to the H Dubai for inviting us!


Time: 12pm – 4pm, Saturdays

Price: 300 AED per person with selected house beverages or 200 AED with soft drinks. It is 100 AED for kids between 6 and 12 years old, and under 6 dine for free!

Location: Quantum Pool Lounge at The H Dubai


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