The Breakfast Club: Jamie’s Chilli Egg Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

Jamie Oliver is a delightful human being. I have loved him since he brought his first book out – The Naked Chef – back in the late nineties, and he’s still a go-to for me if I’m looking for something snazzy to create in the kitchen.

The crumpet – something that I have told myself I WILL one day cook from scratch, but for this recipe I just used store-bought ones. A much speedier alternative. Finding crumpets in Dubai is like trying to find a shadow in the dark. Not easy. They’re one of those products that just doesn’t stay in stock. Park ‘n’ Shop in TECOM usually has a couple of packets if you go in the morning before they have been snapped up by other crumpet-lovers. If you’re lucky, that is. So I can’t begin to tell you my excitement when I found three packets in there this morning! I did a happy dance right there and then. I wish that was a joke.

I was planning on giving eggs benedict a whirl this morning, but when I found this recipe in Jamie At Home, I was sold in an instant. A HUGE fan of eggy bread, this souped-up version felt like a must-try. The porous nature of the crumpets absorbs the eggy mixture beautifully, and the added chilli certainly kick-starts one’s morning!

This can be served with either a dollop of brown sauce or a drizzle of maple syrup, depending on whether you’re in a sweet or a savoury mood. Both are marvellous accompaniments to the eggy crumpets and crispy bacon rashers.  I used square crumpets, as that was what was available, but round are fine too! Oh and a handy dandy tip – WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY after chopping the chillies. I didn’t, rubbed my eye, and turned into an unplanned blubbering mess. It was not fun. Chilli is not fun unless being consumed – so be careful!


4 large eggs
6 crumpets
6 rashers of smoked bacon
2 small red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Brown Sauce/ Maple Syrup

1/ In a shallow bowl, whisk together the eggs, chilli, salt, and pepper.
2/ Fry bacon in a drizzle of olive oil on a medium heat until brown on both sides, move to the side of the pan.
3/ Push crumpets into the egg mixture, turning to ensure full coverage on both sides. Add to pan, and cook until browned on both sides.
4/ Serve bacon on top of eggy chilli crumpets, with either brown sauce or maple syrup.

Chili Egge Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

Chili Egge Crumpets

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