A Secret Or Two…

Nutmeg mash

Let me tell you a secret. I have told very few people this. One year, I spotted THE most amazing pair of platform shoes while at the mall with my mum. They were metallic blue in colour, trainer-style, with two inch high white platforms. Far cooler than pair I owned at the time – a particularly delectable suede beige lace-up disaster. But I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was about these shoes. The only problem was that it was only October, and since they were supposed to be a Christmas present, they were hidden away where I wouldn’t be able to find them. My parents underestimated me.

One evening, while they were out at a fancy shmancy work event, after bed-time, I crept into my parents room, opened the cupboard, and scanned the shelves for a moment until I clocked them. Lo and behold, five shelves up, sat the shoe box that had been etched in my mind since it left my sight about a week previously. I grabbed a chair from the dining room, clambered up, and carefully slid the box off the shelf. Beneath the lid lay my beautiful shoes. The coolest shoes I thought that I would ever possess.

I spent a joyous ten minutes, parading around my parents bedroom in my shiny platform shoes. After returning them to their box, and the dining room chair back to its spot, I headed to bed. I remember lying there drifting of in to a jubilant slumber. Satisfied after my brief shoe fix. I must have done it about four more times before Christmas came around. Sorry mum. Sorry dad. I am a deviant human being. But all I wanted was to wear my shoes, and proudly show them off to the world! It’s funny how the smallest things are so key in your life at that age.

I am now going to tell you another secret. One that might be a little more useful to you. The secret to exquisite mashed potato. Obviously plenty of butter when mashing – I think we all know that – but when you season with salt and pepper, whap a generous grating of fresh nutmeg in there too. I discovered this gem of an addition via a university friend back in the day. It makes all the difference! I could literally eat bowls at a time of the stuff. Which is, in fact, exactly what I did last night. And two nights before that. It adds an extra depth of flavour, which is wonderful both on its own, or as a side dish to something more substantial…like sausage and mash. A staple dish in my student days!

All for now. Until next time my food-loving friends.

Nutmeg mash

Nutmeg mash

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