The Breakfast Club: jones the grocer

Jones The Grocer

Howdy folks and welcome to this weekend’s edition of ‘The Breakfast Club’! On todays agenda – an absolute classic in my eyes – jones the grocer.

I have spent a considerable amount of time at jones since it opened back in 2011. My first breakfast experience there was with my mum on the day of the Standard Chartered marathon a couple of years ago. It was packed full of breakfast-deserving athletes. And there we were munching down a plate of glistening eggs benedict having only achieved waking up so far that day. I felt guilty for a micro-second, but then decided to ignore the sea of fitness fanatics and simply enjoy eating my delicious morning feast.

I got a text from my mother dearest this morning at 7:30am asking if I wanted to go for coffee. I know what you’re thinking. SEVEN THIRTY ON A FRIDAY???!!! Well believe it or not – I was wide awake. I used to be able to doze until around 10 on a weekend, but these days I find myself opening my eyes at around 7. And then that’s it. I’m up. Dozing doesn’t really happen anymore. Am I getting old?

So up I popped, and across to Jumeirah I sped to meet my breakfast date. I love jones, and since it’s just around the corner from where my mum lives, it made perfect sense. We managed to arrive a few minutes before it opened for the morning, so got first choice of seating. We selected a little table next to the window. I like seeing the sunshine.

Mum’s on a bit of a health-kick, so went for the fresh fruit salad, which came with a passion fruit dressing and a little dish of low-fat yogurt. The feedback on the the melon ripeness was very positive. I quite often find melon here to be on the verge of going off. You know – when it’s beginning to go a little mushy around the edges and tastes a little tangy. Well I’ll have you know that this melon was fresh and wonderful. According to my source, that is.

I felt the need for something a little heartier. I’m not much of a breakfast person during the week (shock, horror), but I do love to treat myself on a Friday morning. I chose poached eggs on sourdough toast. It came with a side salad, grilled tommy, and a sprinkling of comté cheese. The eggs were cooked to absolute perfection, and the toast wasn’t too thick. I quite like sourdough bread – definitely something I would like to try making in my kitchen soon. I wasn’t completely convinced by the side salad aspect, but it was overall a highly enjoyable start to the day.

We both enjoyed the coffee – a Flat White for myself and an Americano with hot milk for the mothership. Both cups came with little teeny tiny biscotti slices. A pleasant crunch to complement the first caffeine intake of the day!

And finally – the cost. Very reasonable at AED 100 for breakfast plus coffee for two people. I’ll be back for sure.


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Jones The Grocer

Jones The Grocer

jones the grocer

jones the grocer

14 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club: jones the grocer

  1. Sally says:

    I really like Jones the Grocer for breakfast. The eggs Florentine is divine and the yoghurt with fruit sounds simple but is excellent too. I’m pretty sure my daughter had amazing porridge there. It’s in my top trio for breakfast with Baker and Spice, and Tom and Serg

  2. therealgeordiearmani says:

    I must be the only person who is not a fan of Jones the Grocer, the food is ok its the setting I don’t like, too loud and echoey etc

    • jessiestaley says:

      I know what you mean, I prefer to go somewhere a little bit more intimate for breakfast – the small cafe in the garden centre is quite nice although there is not as much variety.

      • hashtagcake says:

        I do get where you’re coming from – it’s quite a large open space, and so can get quite loud when busy. I recommend getting there early for opening time before it fills up!

      • therealgeordiearmani says:

        Fraiche Cafe in JLT, and if you are splashing out but it will fill you for an entire day, then Latitude at Jumeirah Beach Hotel 🙂

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