Pomegranate Love

Pomegranate Salad

I remember eating pomegranate as a child. My mum would give myself and my siblings half a pomegranate each along with a cocktail stick. We thought it was great fun. I later came to realise that it was a genius way of keeping the kids busy for an hour or so, allowing her to steal some time for herself. Very clever. To all you parents out there – you’re welcome!

Pomegranate is a deliciously juicy fruit, which works fabulously in both sweet and savoury dishes. My absolute favourite dip on the planet uses pomegranate and I have been meaning to use it in cake recipe. Potentially even cupcakes – so keep an eye out for that!

Today’s pomegranate delight is a super easy-to-make pomegranate summer salad. Full of crunchy flavours and vibrant colours. I’ll quite happily take this into work for lunch – but it works well as a BBQ salad too. Or any side salad come to think of it. This will make enough for about four people as a main course, or eight as a side salad. Enjoy!!

2 cups cous cous
2 cups hot water
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
1/2 cup roughly chopped walnuts
2 spring onions
8 cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 stick of celery, sliced thinly
A handful coriander, roughly chopped
Juice of half a lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt & Pepper

1/ In a bowl, add the hot water to the cous cous, cover with clingfilm, and leave for 5-10 minutes until water has been fully absorbed.
2/ Fluff cous cous with a fork, add lemon juice, olive oil, and seasoning. Mix until fully combined.
3/ Mix in half the salad ingredients until evenly distributed, then transfer to a serving dish or bowl.
4/ Pile the rest of the ingredients on top of the cous cous pile, top with black pepper, and enjoy!

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