Five Fabulous Childhood Food Memories

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I always like to make my posts as personal to me as possible because I think it gives them more character. So today – to give you a little taste of my past – I have decided to write about five of my most poignant food-related childhood memories. These are a small selection of many! Do you have any foodie memories that stick out in your mind from when you were a child? Enjoy!

1/ My first boiled egg. What a disaster. I must have been between the ages of 2 and 3. I’m not sure where my mum was, but my Dad had been left in charge that day. He popped me in my high-chair, boiled an egg, sliced off the top, gave me a teaspoon and that was that. Off he trotted, into the next room to watch tv with my older brother. Little did he know that this was in fact my first ever boiled egg. He came back a short while later to find little Harry sitting there, smug as anything, teaspoon in hand. “How was your egg, Harry?”, he asked. “A bit crunchy”, I replied. Yes. I had eaten the entire thing – shell and all.

2/ Veg boxes. A concept which is now available here in the UAE (Ripe is one example I am aware of). Back when I lived in North Devon with my family, we used to get a veg box delivered each week, jam-packed with fresh locally farmed produce. Veggies, fresh milk, natural yogurt, and fruit. My mum and I would look forward to it arriving each week, because you never knew what the contents would be. We would then plan meals based on the veg we received. At the time, we owned a humungous fluffy ginger cat called Scrumpy, who insisted on peeing in the empty veg box. Once we had caught on to his new hobby, we tried to prevent it from happening by storing the box upside down. He then just peed on the upside down box. Perfect.

3/ Long walks along the coast in Devon. I remember it usually being cold, raining, and so windy that you could hear it whistling. The last stretch of the walk was a steep hill, at the top of which was tiny little pub. We would always stop to thaw out in front of the fireplace, filling up on hot cocoa and toasted tuna and melted cheese sandwiches, before bundling into the car and heading back home.

4/ Visiting the bakery. I loved the smell of freshly iced buns and bread – warm from the oven. My mum would let us pick a treat for snack-time that day, and I would ALWAYS go for carrot cake. I loved the little marzipan carrots on top. I don’t think that the actual cake was anything spectacular, but it was all about the excitement of choosing what ever we wanted and the anticipation of having to wait until we got home to eat it. Not much has changed to be honest – I am still very much a carrot cake lover. The Lime Tree Cafe carrot cake is without a shadow of a doubt THE best carrot cake I have had the pleasure of devouring. The only difference is that it usually doesn’t last until I get home these days!

5/ Fondue picnics in the living room. If you have been reading #cake for while, you’ll be well aware of my fondue obsession. I think that my love for the cheesy soupy deliciousness must have stemmed from my childhood. I distinctly remember having fondue picnics in the sitting room with my mum, dad, and older brother. I think it sticks out in my mind largely because we were always a “sit round the table and chat about our day” at dinner kind of family, so eating in the sitting room was a novelty. We would sit on a picnic rug, armed with a fondue prong ready to dip. My mum would give my brother and I Ribena in wine glasses to make us feel like grown-ups!

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2 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Childhood Food Memories

  1. Sally says:

    Sounds like the perfect childhood. Ribena memories – I have them too…. we mixed it with milk when we played red indians. Devon is probably my favourite county – I adore walking in any weather especially the coastal paths..

    • hashtagcake says:

      Ribena seems to feature in a lot of people’s childhood memories! Devon is beautiful. We only lived there for one full year before moving back to Dubai, but used to head back there each year to escape the sweltering summer months. I have so many fond memories from that period of my life – cooking huge family dinners on the Aga, picking blackberries, exploring Rosemore Garden, windy picnics on the beach, and so many more!

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