The Alternative Green Salad

Alternative Green Salad

Hello my foodie friends. For those of you who live in the Middle East – you will be well aware that the summer heat is very much setting up camp. And for those who live in a more European setting – the summery months are fast approaching. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean sun, but it sure does mean summer food! I’m actually off to visit the green and pleasant land in a few weeks. Controversially, I’m secretly hoping for rain – that’s what this sweltering place does to you!

Anyway – on the subject of green and pleasant – today’s “recipe” is exactly that. I am a creative soul and love things like this. There really aren’t any specific rules or measurements for this crunchy creation, just some rough guidelines. The rest is really up to you. The vegetable section is truly your oyster. It is essentially a crunchy green salad, but what’s great about it is no two salads are ever the same. I love just throwing ingredients into a bowl – Jamie Oliver style.

The guidelines – choose anything crunchy and green, but try to go for some unusual options. Some of the ingredients I like to use include fennel, endives, spinach, celery, asparagus, broad beans, rocket, cucumber, coriander, bean sprouts, sugar snap peas, spring onions, and mushrooms. Chop your chosen salad components and throw them into a large bowl. Crumble a generous amount of feta cheese atop your salad mountain, and drizzle with a dressing of your choice. I love it with a honey mustard yoghurt one, but it’s totally up to you what you use!

You can eat this on its own, with chicken, with fish, or with my personal favourite – a juicy juicy steak. My my my, I hear you say, that is a humungous steak, Harry. Why yes. Yes it is. And before you ask – the answer is yes. I did gobble the lot. It was delicious. Enjoy folks!

Alternative Green Salad

Steak and Salad

Steak and Salad

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