I feel like this post has been a rather long time coming. I write about restaurants I like, kitchen gadgets, recipes I have discovered, and recipes I have developed. But something I rarely talk about is what inspires me. Where do I get my inspiration? What drives me to spend most of my free time writing and cooking? Yes – a large part of it is my genuine interest in the subject, but something I have discovered in this first year, and probably one of my favourite parts of joining the worldwide blogging community, is uncovering so many other fantastic food blogs. When I’m not writing, cooking, or eating, I’m reading other blogs!

But it’s not only traditional blogs that I have found myself interested in. My absolute favourite at the moment is actually a YouTube channel. I can’t even remember how I first came across these guys, but I am so glad that I did because they are truly fantastic. And who is it I am referring to, I hear you ask? It is, of course, the chaps at SORTED food. I have mentioned them briefly before back when I was battling through The 12 Bakes of Christmas – I used their Pumpkin and Pecan Pie recipe. It was heavenly.

To give you the lowdown, SORTED food. is a group of guys who grew up together. Despite all heading off to different universities, they kept in touch and it was one evening sitting at the pub while discussing grub, that the idea to develop a student cookbook was conceived. Ben, the only trained chef of the group, was appalled by the food the others were eating, so would teach them how to cook easy student food alternatives. After the book, they decided to start a YouTube channel to make the recipes more shareable and the rest is history.

With more than 720,000 YouTube subscribers, 65,000 FB followers, over 37,000 followers on twitter, and now their very own merchandise, the guys at SORTED food. are the very definition of successful bloggers. They have truly embraced the digital era, and they produce regular, engaging, shareable content, with recipes straightforward enough for anyone to try. Check out some of my favourite videos from them below. Enjoy!

SORTED Facebook
SORTED Twitter
SORTED Website


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