Meatballs in Sweden

Swedish Meatballs

I have just arrived back from a wonderful week holidaying in Sweden, and I have not only got a serious case of the post-holiday blues, but have also managed to acquire a snot-ridden cold. Fan-bloomin-tastic. But in the very true words of Noah and the Whale, life indeed does go on.

So I wanted to write a bit about my trip, and have tried drafting this post several times, but kept reading it back to myself and finding it reminded me of my holiday diary from when I was about 8 years old. “We got to Stockholm and it was cold. Then we went to the hotel. Then we were hungry and went to eat some food at a pub...” and so on. Ok well it wasn’t quite as bad as that, but you get the picture. Anyway – so instead of giving you a play-by-play of my entire week, I have decided to condense it into my top 10 highlights, with a small selection of the ridiculous number of pictures I snapped. I really loved Sweden, and will definitely be heading back in the future. If you haven’t been then I absolutely recommend it! Enjoy!

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1) The first inhalation of fresh swedish air as we stepped outside of the airport in Stockholm.

2) A warm bowl of swedish meatballs with mashed potato, creamy gravy, thinly sliced pickles, and lingonberry sauce at The Bishops Arms in Stockholm city centre. Just the ticket after a long night of traveling. I definitely want to try and recreate this dish, so watch this space!

3) Aimlessly strolling across bridges, up cobbled streets, and along narrow alley ways, lined with quirky cafes, kooky shops and edgy bars as the sun set in Stockholm.

4) Beer-tasting in Oliver Twist. We must have had about five rounds, each time tasting something new. I wish I could remember the name of my favourite one – it smelt of passion fruit and slipped down so smoothly.

5) Sitting at the window on the six-hour train journey from Stockholm to Åre. I sat there and wrote for the first couple of hours, then spent the remaining four gazing out the window at vast frozen lakes and little mountain villages, as our surroundings gradually became snowier and snowier.

6) Regular stops for steaming hot mugs of gluhwein as we perched in front of the log fire in our favourite slope-side restaurant in Rodkullen.

7) Daily post-skiing baskets of hot buffalo wings and pints of ice-cold Norlund’s Gull beer, sat at the bar in what became our local pub for the week – Broken.

8) Munching excessive amounts of THE most delicious bread on the planet (grekiskt bröd), with a generous spread of Bregott Sea Salt Butter, and a cheeky slice of super ripe brie. I always buy salted butter, but this takes it to a whole other level.

9) 7am cups of tea on our snow-covered balcony, overlooking a very frosty Lake Åresjön.

10) Standing at the top of the Olympiagondolen on Åreskutan mountain, with a clear blue sky and the sun beaming down on my face, looking across to Norway in the distance.

Exploring Stockholm



train blogging

Åre, Sweden

Broken, Åre

Broken, Åre

Broken, Åre

Åre, Sweden

Searching for Norway



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