The Breakfast Club: La Brioche

La Brioche Dubai

It’s been a rather murky day all day today, but I quite like the feeling. Living in a constantly sunny climate quite often makes one feel guilty about staying inside. Don’t get me wrong – I love being outdoors! So much so, that I even wrote an entire post on the subject back in Feb – Living An Al Fresco Existence. Sometimes, though, it’s just nice to chill indoors in my slippers, my feline chums by my side, slurping a large mug of tea, browsing my newly-purchased Country Living magazine, and in front of last Sunday’s episode of Call The Midwife. Does that not just sound heavenly? Well it does in my mind.

Anyway – murkiness to one side – I had made plans with my dear mama to have a final breakfast before I frolic off to Sweden tomorrow. We decided to go a little off-piste today (so punny) and headed to a little french cafe on the Beach Road – La Brioche.

We decided to sit outside, despite the wind. The little courtyard overlooks the road, facing the direction of the beach. I imagine it to be a little nicer with a blue sky and no incoming shamal, but one can’t have everything!

The menu was typical for a french café – croissants, sweet pastries, poached eggs, omelettes, and the crème de la crème – french toast. We saw a platter of french toast glide past us and onto an adjacent table while we were browsing the menu. No more browsing was required – we were sold. We chose to share, though. The portion was huge!

On the coffee front – I had a cappuccino. It certainly wasn’t the best coffee I have tasted – Tom & Serg was much better – but it did the job. Caffeine addict much?

As we were sitting there enjoying the last sips of our coffee, it started to rain. I was really impressed with how quickly the staff came over to offer us another table either indoors or under an umbrella. We chose the umbrella option, and were even brought extra chairs for our handbags! It was a small gesture, but a good one.

If you’re looking for a warming, rustic fry-up, then I would head elsewhere. But for a glorious little al fresco coffee and a sweet treat of a breakfast – La Brioche is a lovely little alternative from the usual spots.

And now – I must pack! Sweden – I’m coming for ya!



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La Brioche Dubai

La Brioche Dubai Cappucino

French Toast La Brioche

La Brioche Dubai French Toast


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