The Breakfast Club: The Roseleaf Café

The Roseleaf Cafe

If you’ve been reading my 2014 posts so far, you will probably be well aware of my current Dubai Garden Centre addiction. So it seemed only sensible that I share a little bit about the place – specifically The Roseleaf Café, which is another regular on my current weekend breakfast agenda.

Unlike TOM & SERG, which was last week’s venture, The Roseleaf is much more straight forward. The breakf
ast options are nothing fancy, but it adds to the unpretentious charm of the place. The coffee is pretty good, and price-wise it’s an absolute steal. Try 15 dirhams for 3 scrambled eggs on chunky toast! Insane. I went a little off-piste this week, and opted for a healthy granola option. It was served with natural yogurt, fresh green apple, dried cranberries, and honey. I rather enjoyed it and it, too, was a mere AED15. Not bad. Not bad at all.

They also offer a range of healthy lunch options, with a daily special, but since this is a breakfast feature I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to what was available. Mainly fresh sandwiches, salads, and scrummy cake from the looks of things.

The café is actually inside the garden centre, with seating extending out into a conservatory area, so there is loads of natural light no matter where you choose to sit. There is also free wifi incase you are feeling disconnected or don’t want to talk to your breakfast date. And the best part? Once you’re all filled up on brekky, you can venture outside to choose some herbs for a cheeky balcony herb garden, or just go and get lost in the large plant/tree section. It’s a little like a maze and I even managed to find a tall, dark, and handsome chap out there (see below). What more could I possibly ask for??!

So – if you’re looking for gourmet cuisine, then I would head elsewhere. But if you want to go somewhere a little different for a cheap and cheerful bite to eat, then I definitely recommend a visit. Until next time. Happy breakfasting amigos!


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The Roseleaf Cafe

The Roseleaf Cafe

The Roseleaf Cafe

The Roseleaf Cafe




Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre

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