The Breakfast Club: TOM & SERG


So I am probably the last person to jump aboard the Tom & Serg bandwagon, but boy was it worth the wait. Having heard nothing but glorious things about the quirky Al Quoz-based cafe, I finally got round to going.

I’m not actually much of a breakfast person. On your average weekday, I tend to start the day with coffee. And then more coffee. And then perhaps finish it off with a coffee. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bla bla bla, but it’s just not my thing. At the weekend, however, I like to make a point of going out for breakfast at least once, so I figured it about time that I started writing about it. I’m hoping it will give me a mental kick in the behind to get out and discover some new places as I am notorious for going to the same haunts over and over again.

We sat on the ground floor, near the front of the restaurant. At 8:30am, it was a little under half filled, but the atmosphere didn’t suffer. Despite being at the back-end of AL Q, it still felt hustling and bustling, like it could have existed in somewhere like Soho, London.

Something that really came across about T&S was the feeling that the staff genuinely enjoy working there. They were all so smiley. I guess whether it was the real deal or not doesn’t even matter, because it did the trick and really added to the cheery atmosphere of the place.

I had barely even touched my seat before a menu appeared in front of me. A relatively small selection of options, but a good enough selection that there was something for everyone. Our drinks orders were taken, and arrived within a few minutes. I went for a flat white. No idea why – because I have never ordered one before but, alas, it was highly enjoyable. Good coffee is vital. The food could be the most exquisite on the planet, but if the coffee is terrible, then what’s the point?!

To munch – I ordered the scrambled eggs on toast, with goats cheese, basil, and roast field mushrooms. I am an absolute goats cheese fiend, and would never have thought to eat it at breakfast. It was a beautiful combo, and also – unlike many other “rustic” restaurants – the toast wasn’t too thick. My breakfast date (my lovely mum) had the poached eggs on zucchini and ricotta fritters, with smoked salmon, cherry toms, and hollandaise sauce. Again – genius breakfast idea. Fritters instead of toast.

The real cherry on the cake was the affordability. I’m young and usually pretty skint, so rarely have the cash to spend on fancy shmancy excursions. 50 dirhams for breakfast and coffee, however, is right in my price-range. Cheaper than MORE, and I honestly think that the food is better.

In the words of good old Arnie – I’ll be back! Can’t wait to test out more of the menu!


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flat white caffeine fix

scrambled eggs goats cheese

poached eggs

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