Kitchen Favourites

Happy New Year! Rather overdue, I’ll admit, but better late than never, eh? After a good few weeks jam packed with family, friends, and food ‘a plenty, I am back in action. Ready and raring to go, if you will. And what better way to begin a new year than by sharing my latest kitchen additions? Sharing is caring after all. People who know me are well aware of my kitchen shop addiction, so it came as no surprise to find that my Christmas gifts were largely culinary related. No complaints here! Other than perhaps the distinct lack of storage space my kitchen has to offer. Although that’s probably due to the sheer volume of stuff it is forced to harbour.

So – in no particular order (I felt totally X Factor typing that), here are my top 5 kitchen additions, courtesy of Christmas 2013!

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1) “Bread” by Paul Hollywood. Until The Great British Bake-Off hit our screens, I had never even heard of the chap, but it wasn’t long until I was encapsulated by his bready wizardry. It’s official. I’m under the Paul Hollywood spell. I’ve already tried three of the recipes (much to the delight of my friends and famalam), and have every intention of working my way through every recipe the book beholds, before perhaps investing in the follow-up masterpiece – Pies & Puds. I love you Pauly H. You da man.

Paul Hollywood Bread

2) A humungous Mason Cash “Cane” mixing bowl. The ultimate kitchen essential. I ripped off the wrapping paper in a childlike manner, and the first thing that came into my head was – this bowl will be perfect for proving. And it was…I tested it at the weekend. It’s one of those bowls that clingfilm seems to enjoy clinging to. Winner winner, chicken dinner. I am also oh so very excited to make a giant cake in its depths.

Mason Cash Cane Bowl

3) A beautiful turquoise Prestige knife, complete with its very own sleeve. This will be my inspiration in reaching my dream of being able to chop fast like Jamie Oliver (and every other chef on the planet). One day, Harry, one day.

photo (3)

4) A shiny new set of scales. Now while my ultimate dream is to own a vintage set of Salter scales, it’s pointless investing until I am physically more settled in life. These Joseph Joseph digital ones are perfect. The bowl and electronic weigher thingy slot beautifully together, and look so sleek and pretty atop my kitchen counter.


5) Onion goggles. Yes, you heard me. Onion goggles. Ridiculous, yes, but I’m getting desperate here, man! I practically transform into a blubbering mess by merely looking at an onion, so you can imagine the hysterics that take force when chopping one. Particularly the large white onions. Gosh. I’m welling up just thinking about it. I have tried it all – chopping under running water, nose peg, swim goggles. I’ll let you know how these fair.

Onion Goggles

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