The Eleventh Bake Of Christmas: Festive Sausage Plait

Festive Sausage Plait

I am hopping back across to savoury pastures again today. With my primary food groups currently being mince pies and candy canes, it felt only necessary.

Does anyone else feel like it’s far warmer this year than last? Winter? Hello? Are you there? It’s hard enough feeling festive when it’s a not so cool 18°C, but 30°C in December? REALLY? It’s warmer than your average British summer. It’s completely ridiculous. While I would love to shnuggle up and pretend that baby it’s cold outside (see what I did there), the real fact of the matter is that it’s not. So I thought I would simply rise to this ridiculous weather situation, and whip up a festive picnic bake. A picnic at Christmas? Now that really is absurd. Continue reading