The Fifth Bake Of Christmas: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

As a Brit, pumpkin pie isn’t naturally something I would associate with Christmas. Over the years, however, Christmas for me has morphed and developed into a festive spectacular with traditions and additions from far and wide. When my step-mum became a full-fledged part of the famalam, her pumpkin pie also joined the clan, and it is now as much a part of our Christmas feast as the turkey and the roasties.

I was recently invited to my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, and thought it the perfect time to test out a new pumpkin pie recipe I had come across. The recipe is from, a video-based food website. I discovered SORTED on YouTube completely by accident, but must admit that I am now very much addicted. It’s a group of guys from the UK with a mutual love of good old hearty grub. Their recipes are simple and straight-forward and the best part – the SORTED crew are all rather delicious themselves.

All previous pumpkin pies I have baked have been the standard pumpkin/condensed milk recipe, but this recipe has the addition of pecans. So really its a pumpkin and pecan pie. Needless to say, the Thanksgiving host was thankful and I now have a jazzed-up pie recipe to use on crimbo. Winning all around, methinks. Happy baking y’all.



Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

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