The Twelfth Bake Of Christmas: Bûche de Noël

Yule Log

The only way to end an epic baking venture alike mine is to go out with a bang. The mighty yule log – or bûche de Noël if you’re going to be all fancy shmancy about it – is a beautiful chocolatey alternative to our festive fruity friends – Mr. Christmas Cake, Mrs. Figgy Pud and Mincy McPie. While awfully traditional, unfortunately not everyone enjoys alcohol-soaked fruit deserts (goodness knows why), having other options is always a good move. Continue reading


The Eleventh Bake Of Christmas: Festive Sausage Plait

Festive Sausage Plait

I am hopping back across to savoury pastures again today. With my primary food groups currently being mince pies and candy canes, it felt only necessary.

Does anyone else feel like it’s far warmer this year than last? Winter? Hello? Are you there? It’s hard enough feeling festive when it’s a not so cool 18°C, but 30°C in December? REALLY? It’s warmer than your average British summer. It’s completely ridiculous. While I would love to shnuggle up and pretend that baby it’s cold outside (see what I did there), the real fact of the matter is that it’s not. So I thought I would simply rise to this ridiculous weather situation, and whip up a festive picnic bake. A picnic at Christmas? Now that really is absurd. Continue reading

The Ninth Bake Of Christmas: Sticky Gingerbread

Sticky Gingerbread

I almost had a complete meltdown this week when I went to use the oven and the gas didn’t work. Ordinarily I would find it quite easy to survive for three days without as I do love a good salad. When you have committed to 12 bakes before Christmas, however, a gas-less oven is less than ideal. Luckily, it being the most wonderful time of the year, my mood tends to remain in a permanently fabulous state, and so I made the decision that instead of completely losing my nut, I would simply deal with the situation in a manner almost as blasé as the gas company themselves. I am ecstatic to announce that, alas, I am again living with a fuelled-up oven. Disaster over. Shall we move on? Yes. Good idea. Continue reading

The Eighth Bake Of Christmas: Orange Tea Loaf

Orange tea loaf

Cinnamon overload? Tired of mixed spice? Figgy pud too heavy? Christmas flavours are intense, man. Listening to the Buble and Celine on repeat is excessive but still manageable (guilty). Rich, spiced, dense Christmas bakes every day, however? For some folk, it’s just too much! Ain’t no body got time for that. I suggest a milder alternative – an Orange Tea Loaf to balance out the season’s palate-overwhelmers. This is another old family recipe. Still suitably festive with zesty orangeness , but light enough to not get overwhelmed with flavour. And perfect with a warm mug of [insert your favourite hot beverage here]. Continue reading