The Fourth Bake Of Christmas: Advent Bread

Advent Bread

Advent is a magical time of year. You are “officially” allowed to to start your countdown to Christmas. Not that this has ever stopped me starting my countdown ridiculously early. But the first Sunday of advent marks the day where all the scroogy anti-xmas folk have to bite their tongues and allow us Christmas addicts to do our thang. Continue reading


The Third Bake Of Christmas: Festive Scones

When one thinks of Christmas baking, one usually thinks of sweet bakes. Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint and so on. But who said it must be sweet? I have never seen a rule book. No Christmas rule-master has ever approached me to lay down the law. So today’s bake – The Third Bake Of Christmas – is of the savoury persuasion. Continue reading

The Second Bake Of Christmas: Mini Mince Pies

Mince Pies

Too busy to bake? Aren’t we all! Working full-time with a busy social life leaves minimal time for yourself and unless you are a person who finds baking hugely relaxing, where on earth does one find the time?  Sometimes all I want to do when I get home is whack on a onesie, fix a brew, and let my mind wonder off into the world of Downton Abbey. So believe me when I say – I get it. The thing is, my festive elves, is that December is almost upon us. And if you’re going to bake, even if just once a year, the festive season sure is the time to do it. Continue reading

The First Bake Of Christmas: Snow-dipped Ginger Snaps

Snow-Covered Cranberry Ginger Snap Biscuits

Click here for a festive jingle to enjoy as you read. Repeat as necessary. Tis the season to be jolly after all.

The John Lewis 2013 Christmas advert is out, the red cups have appeared in Starbucks, and it is cool enough in Dubai to wear a leather jacket. Christmas is 42 days away, people. That’s about 6 weeks. And 6 weeks is when the countdown to Christmas begins in ‘Love Actually’, so I am going to go ahead and proclaim it officially acceptable to get excited. Let’s disregard the fact that I have been counting down since my birthday in June. Continue reading