In Your Face, French Plait!


Ok – so remember that time I said that the eight strand plaited loaf from The Great British Bake Off blew my mind (#callmemrshollywood)? Well. Yes – it still blows my mind, but believe it or not I ACTUALLY DID IT. Granted, Paul Hollywood would probably rip my bake apart for being overly underly worked, proved and baked, but it tasted great and apart from an unintentional bulge at one end, it looked bloomin’ marvelous!  Second ever loaf, people. Bow down to me.

Making the actual dough was straight-forward, but the plaiting part took a while. The instructions felt wrong to begin with, but I assure you that if you stick with it, you will see a beauiful plait start to form. I think this loaf would be fantastic with olives and/or sundried tomatoes incorporated into the dough. Give it a go – I dare you! Happy baking y’all

Paul Hollywood’s Eight Strand Plaited Loaf Recipe



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