Who Ate All The Pastries?


Quickly before I start – please click here for some slammin’ french tunes to accompany your read…

Bonjour. Au revoir. Poisson. Bibliothèque. Petit pois. Champignon. DISCO DISCO DISCOthèque. Evidently, I am fluent in French. OK – well perhaps not. But I’ll tell you something en français that I am fluent in: EATING FRENCH FOOD. Bring me all the pastries immediately.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an evening at Dubai’s newest French eatery, fournil de PIERRE, down on Emirates Boulevard. After a long long day of drinking tea, huh hum, I mean working hard, the thought of sitting in a french bakery gobbling french baked goods was quite heavenly.

With more than 30 outlets in France, fournil de PIERRE has proven itself to be more than just bread and pastry. Using hand-picked French ingredients, fournil’s team of pro bakers and chefs expertly create a whole range of culinary delights. The eatery boasts more than 20 varieties of special breads (that’s a lot of bread) made from organic BIO flour (man, that sounds healthy….does this mean carb-loading is acceptable?), a selection of traditional French hot dishes, fresh salads and, of course, an array of authentic French pastries and tarts.

And now for (drum-roll please) mes favoris (also known as ‘my favourites’. Yes – I used Google translate. No – I’m not sure if it’s gramatically correct). Apart from a cheeky Latte, which I regretted immediately once I remembered that I was sat outside in 35 degree heat with hair warmer than your average hat, I spent most of the evening sipping on glasses of spinach & pineapple juice. Not a flavour combo I would be naturally drawn to, but it was surprisingly refreshing and not remotely overwhelming spinach-wise. Definitely recommend it. My food highlight was a mini voulevant, filled with creamy Roquefort cheese and topped with a candied walnut. Divine. I no-word-of-a-lie munched at least 15 of those little bad boys. My diet loves me. NOT.

Once we were all sufficiently filled with french delights, we ventured inside to a french-themed photobooth which had been hired for the evening. Like seriously – who doesn’t love a photobooth? I was even given personalised moustache advice. I had no idea that my original selection was too wide for my face. I could have ended up looking completely ridiculous. Great save Mrs. Photobooth lady. I thank you.

You’d think after last night’s feast I’d be totally over french cuisine, but I can assure you that my mouth has been watering the whole time I have been writing this. And (confession) – I munched a croissant from the gift basket for breakfast this morning. And maybe 3 last night while watching The Great British Bake Off. Croissant addict? Yes, potentially. Happy croissant-ing y’all!



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