Ravi's Restaurant

Sometimes the most satisfying food-fix is of the cheap and cheerful variety. Satwa, home to real life tailoring-fairies (take any item of clothing and they’ll replicate it stitch-for-stitch – I recommend Dream Girls), epic samosas, craft shops galore (buttons, ribbon, wool, studs, sequins – you name it and they’ve almost definitely got it), Cactus Cantina (who in their right mind would refuse 4 margaritas for 100 dirhams?!), and of course Ravi’s – my go-to Pakistani restaurant in Dubai.

Appearance-wise Ravi’s is certainly nothing special, but the food is delicious and costs mere peanuts. I recommend the butter chicken, the daal and the mutton jalfrezi with a selection of naan and paratha. You can generously feed 4 for well under 100 dirhams. Bargain or what? The staff are friendly and will recommend dishes, the food is served on quirky technicolour plates, and if you get a table outside you can soak up Satwa’s bustling evening buzz. Only downside? It’s unlicensed. But I have already told you about Cactus Cantina, which is conveniently walking distance – so for all you alcoholics out there, fear not.

You won’t find your average tourist eating at Ravi’s, because it’s not the kind of place you find in a holiday brochure. This hidden gem has been unearthed over the years through word of mouth, and I assure you that once you make your inaugural visit, not unlike Mr. Schwarzenegger, you’ll be back. And just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, there are a number of other Ravi’s outlets including a second in Satwa and one in Karama. What could you possibly be waiting for? Jump aboard your preferred method of transportation and do it. Happy munching y’all.


Butter Chicken and Daal

Pakistani grub

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