Joy Of Baking

I have had a rather hectic week life-wise, but fear not – I am back in blogging action. Cooking is all about exploring, practicing, adapting and building your own unique collection of recipes, developing skills and techniques along the way. I have collected a lot of my favourite recipes from books or handed down through family, but in this digital world that we live in, I find myself spending a good amount of time browsing the good old inter-web. There are thousands of great recipe sites, but the one I want to tell you about today is one I came across  completely by accident about three years ago when I was looking for a basic vanilla cupcake recipe.

Throughout my earlier baking years, I struggled to achieve a well-risen, well-baked cupcake. They always seemed to end up flat, lacking in flavour, or were just too dry. I was probably over-baking them or over-mixing. Unaware of where I was going wrong, my lack of cupcake success left me a little disheartened. As a self-admitted culinary perfectionist, sub-par cakes just didn’t do it for me and I found myself uninspired by them, instead focusing on other areas of sweet and savoury cooking.

It was when I decided to bake cupcakes for a friend’s birthday a few of years ago that the spark was ignited, and my cupcake love was born. I came across a fantastic website. Joy Of Baking, founded and written by a Stephanie Jaworski, does exactly what it says on the pack. Started in 1997, the site has grown from a simple site with a few recipes to an online baking encyclopedia, all tried and tested to perfection.

There are endless recipes on the website that I still want to try, but so far I have baked her vanilla, chocolate, lemon and carrot cupcakes as well as her chocolate butter cake. All steps are clearly explained, and I have never (touch wood) baked an unsuccessful cake from these recipes. I have put some pictures of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes below, baked using Joy Of Baking recipes. You’ll have to excuse the sporadic vanilla cupcake-decor – I had a 5-year old kitchen assistant that day! So – take a look, have a browse and make cake! Happy baking y’all.




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